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Atlantis: Rise of the Nile

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The story that begins in Atlantis: Bearer of Fruit and Atlantis: Fall of the Gods concludes impressively in this book.

Aedon finds himself being the one who should locate the magic scroll. The place to get the scroll itself is a big mystery as it is in uncharted territory. Aedon has to get there before the Uprooter and many others to save the land.

This adventurous science fiction story is very exciting with a lot of twists and turns and there is a sense of mysticism and richness that will keep readers enthralled. The historical and biblical references, along with the whimsical creatures, make the story very entertaining.

There are many references to the way things may have been 10,000 years ago and possible explanations for why they are the way they are today. The basic human traits of love, dedication, greed, and deceit are demonstrated in this description of the age-old struggle between the powers of good and evil and the difficulty every individual faces when confronted with significant choices. Can one person make a difference when it seems that all hope is lost?

Download Atlantis Rise Of The Nile online

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