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VHSIC Description Language (VHDL) is outlined. VHDL is a proper notation meant to be used in all levels of the construction of digital platforms. since it is either laptop readable and human readable, it helps the advance verification, synthesis, and trying out of designs; the communique of layout facts; and the upkeep, amendment, and procurement of undefined. Its fundamental audiences are the implementors of instruments aiding the language and the complex clients of the language.

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All rights reserved. LANGUAGE REFERENCE MANUAL IEEE Std 1076-2002 3. Types This clause describes the various categories of types that are provided by the language as well as those specific types that are predefined. The declarations of all predefined types are contained in package STANDARD, the declaration of which appears in Clause 14. A type is characterized by a set of values and a set of operations. The set of operations of a type includes the explicitly declared subprograms that have a parameter or result of the type.

Specifically, calls to the user-defined operator always evaluate both arguments prior to the execution of the function. 3—Functions that overload operator symbols may also be called using function call notation rather than operator notation. This statement is also true of the predefined operators themselves. 2 Signatures A signature distinguishes between overloaded subprograms and overloaded enumeration literals based on their parameter and result type profiles. A signature can be used in an attribute name, entity designator, or alias declaration.

All rights reserved. LANGUAGE REFERENCE MANUAL IEEE Std 1076-2002 subprogram_declarative_item ::= subprogram_declaration | subprogram_body | type_declaration | subtype_declaration | constant_declaration | variable_declaration | file_declaration | alias_declaration | attribute_declaration | attribute_specification | use_clause | group_template_declaration | group_declaration subprogram_statement_part ::= { sequential_statement } subprogram_kind ::= procedure | function The declaration of a subprogram is optional.

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