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By Yvonne Connolly Martin (auth.), Hugo Kubinyi, Gerd Folkers, Yvonne C. Martin (eds.)

Significant development has been made within the examine of 3-dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationships (3D QSAR) because the first booklet by way of Richard Cramer in 1988 and the 1st quantity within the sequence, 3D QSAR in Drug layout. conception, tools and purposes, released in 1993. the purpose of that early ebook was once to give a contribution to the certainty and the extra software of CoMFA and similar techniques and to facilitate the suitable use of those equipment. seeing that then, 1000s of papers have seemed utilizing the fast constructing suggestions of either 3D QSAR and computational sciences to review a vast number of organic difficulties. back the editor(s) felt that the time had come to solicit experiences on released and new viewpoints to record the state-of-the-art of 3D QSAR in its broadest definition and to supply visions of the place new recommendations will emerge or new appli- tions can be chanced on. The purpose isn't just to focus on new principles but in addition to teach the shortcomings, inaccuracies, and abuses of the equipment. we are hoping this publication will permit others to split trivial from visionary techniques and me-too technique from in- vative suggestions. those issues guided our collection of individuals. To our pride, our demand papers elicited a very good many manuscripts.

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