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By Roosh V

30 Bangs information how I had intercourse with 30 various ladies whereas consciously utilizing numerous video game equipment and methods. the aim of this booklet is to teach through instance that you can replica the behaviors, strikes, and features that ended in my success. 
The brief tales contained during this short memoir contain the following:* The uncooked Dog. a woman who brought me to the glorious international of condomless sex.
* The Giraffe. My first Latina bang that finally despatched me packing to South the US for more.
* The Artist. My first weasel bang that taught me what it relatively takes to have one-night stands.
* The Freckles. a simple bang the place all i wished to do was once now not mess up.
* The Train. A gangbang try out that didn't particularly make it for everybody involved.
30 Bangs includes straight-forward studies approximately belt notching. As you're making your manner via each one tale, you'll be ready to see how my ability at sealing the deal turned extra deadly. My desire for males who learn this e-book is to gain not just what's attainable in terms of speedy intercourse, yet to undertake a killer intuition approach to be used of their personal destiny bangs.

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