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By R. B. Salters

For over 100 years overseas serious Commentaries have had a distinct position between works in English at the Bible. they've got sought to compile all of the correct aids to exegesis, linguistic and textual a minimum of archaeological, ancient, literary and theological, to assist the reader comprehend the which means of the books of the previous and New Testaments.

The new commentaries proceed this custom. New facts now on hand, in addition to new equipment of analysis, might be integrated within the convinced expectation that there'll be an excellent higher want for such commentaries within the twenty-first century than there was within the past.

No try out has been made to safe a uniform theological or severe method of the biblical textual content: participants were invited for his or her scholarly contrast, no longer for his or her adherence to anybody institution of proposal. it's was hoping that the recent volumes will reach the excessive criteria in their predecessors and give a contribution considerably to the knowledge of the books of the Bible.

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Rosenfeld, Tisha B’Ab Compendium, 1986. 28 It is likely that the lengthy section—vv. 2-18—is an expansion, so that the number 22 (lines) is achieved. If so, this would be a further example of imitation. 26 27 INTRODUCTION 11 We must, however, realise that the compositions that have come down to us are not, as they stand, the raw reactions to the events of 586 BCE. 29 There is no doubt that the survivors of the catastrophe will have reacted immediately with horror and grief. Many expressions of misery, affliction and sad reflections will have escaped the lips of these people who now struggled to come to terms with the loss of their city, their temple, their family and their way of life.

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46 While the latter illustrates a balance of thought, scholars have noticed that these half-lines are often balanced by their length, thereby creating a certain rhythm. The question of metre in Hebrew poetry is a vexed one, and the statement by Gordon (1965, 131 n. 47 Nevertheless, the rhythm engendered by parallelism is noticeable. In spite of the fact that precise metre is absent, scholars often describe a line of poetry as comprising three stresses for each stich, sometimes four, sometimes two.

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