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By Timothy Feist

Skolt Saami is an japanese Saami language in the Uralic relatives. This grammar offers an outline of the phonology, morphology and syntax of Skolt Saami, paying specific cognizance to its hugely complicated morphophonological and inflectional structures. perception into the constitution of Skolt Saami discourse is supplied by means of 4 glossed texts. This grammar will function a huge instrument for theoretical linguists and typologists in addition to source for the language group and others attracted to Saami languages.

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2009) was published, incorporating many aspects of the 1973 Koltansaamen Opas in a much more accessible, easy-to-read and updated format. This pedagogical grammar is aimed at school children and adult learners of the Skolt Saami community, who may already possess some knowledge of the language. It thus contains plentiful examples of grammatical constructions, avoiding the need for the reader to get bogged down in complex linguistically-oriented explanations and analyses. The first dictionary available for Skolt Saami, issued in two volumes, was T.

Translations are given in both Finnish and German. The entries in this substantial work also include information on dialectal variation and provide several paradigm forms for many words. Other dictionaries, which use the official orthography, are Mosnikoff and Sammallahti (1988) and Sammallahti and Mosnikoff (1991), the latter of which includes some grammatical notes. In addition, a huge lexicon, compiled by Jouni Moshnikoff, exists in an unpublished form and is under continual development. 6. 31 There exists a considerable number of publications relating to the issues of consonant gradation and phonological quantity in Skolt Saami.

Chapter 8 covers the verbal categories of tense, aspect, mood and negation. The remaining two chapters are given over to syntax. Chapter 9 covers the clause structure of declarative clauses, beginning with a discussion on constituent order, followed by the topic of voice and valence and ending with a section on adverbials. Chapter 10 looks at non-declarative clauses and complex clauses. 1), namely the concept of the disyllabic stress group and the existence of overshort vowels which are not represented in the orthography.

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