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Where mP is within lP ) relative to the current rate of acceleration. nb 61 These implications will be significant in resolving the debate concerning the origin of inertia, Mach's principle, and an ether related to the ZPF and VEV. 6 fm. This suggests that a BB matter-antimatter vacuum fluctuation resulted in º 10-60 3rd generation primordial atoms of mass mP within universal radius 2r p immediately decayed within tunit. Over time tU they inflated to radius RH with acceleration aU leaving radiation (such as CMBR), leptons (n, e) and baryons (p,n of radius r p ).

The given mass and charge is seen as a black hole singularity at the limit of GR physics. This eliminates the need for any "new physics" beyond black hole singularities. It also offers more natural explanations relating to Hawking radiation in the evaporation of black holes, entropy and information loss (or not) in black hole physics. a. nb -2 of understanding on its origin. 6144 μ 10-35 WL Second2 ΩΛ == Λ 3 H20 == ρΛ ρc WL n 1. WL Clear@cD c@t_D := ‡ 1 t t 0 ΩΛ0 = ‡ 1 c@tD t 0 2 3 1 H@t_D := Λ=1 ì‡ 4 π c@tD 4π t H@tD 1 8 p2 t2 Λ == ΩΛ0 3 H@tD2 True c := α−8 LengthUnit ê TimeUnit L n 8p GN gc2 rL n x3H20 (67) where the factor x is introduced such that rL n xrc .

CP¨T), it is critical to understand the mass ê ê and (more importantly) the lifetime of (K0S (ds-d s)/ 2 , K0L =(ds+d s)/ 2 ). ü Composite 3 Quark Hadrons (Baryons) The complete baryon PPPs will be reviewed in Appendix A. Stable Proton Mass (m p ) and Radius (r p ) The quark composition of the proton has the mass of the up quarks precisely equal to the mass of the down quark. It is this equality that provides for the stability of the proton. 3831 1 ê H% ProtonMassErrorL 359 050. 843098 3 4π % VP , HFemto MeterL3 F ì 2 Femto3 Meter3 It is interesting to note that by extending this relationship to the 3 generations of SM, the mass of the 3rd generation particles ( p+ , D++ ) approach that of the m p .

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