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By Lawrence Durrell

Durrell’s amazing memoir of his religious trip with famed Taoist thinker JolanChang

Beginning with their first assembly over lunch at Lawrence Durrell’s Provencal domestic, Durrell and Jolan Chang—renowned Taoist thinker and professional on japanese sexuality—developed a permanent dating in response to mutual non secular exploration. Durrell’s autobiographical rumination on their friendship and on Taoism recounts the author’s existential ponderings, beginning along with his advent to the magical and enigmatic “smile within the mind’s eye.” From parsimony, cooking, and yoga to poetry, Petrarch, and Nietzche, a grin within the Mind’s Eye is a captivating story of a writer’s religious and philosophical awakening.

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But as a well born young man in Athens, it would have been normal for him to go through the Lesser and then on to the Greater Mystery. The 'Forms' that he would see in the early phase of the effects of the potion at the Greater Mystery would be commanding in his mind and he could easily have transmuted them into his famous 'Ideas', a realm existing somewhere that harbored the archetypes of everything in our life on earth, eg the Chair, the Dog, the Stone. Plato's revelation of this would have violated the Athenian law, which set the severest penalties on disclosure of the secrets of Eleusis, but since he did not mention his source, the hierophants of Eleusis could not have brought charges against him without themselves giving away a portion of the secret of the Mystery.

Ruck's exposition of this aspect of Greek culture is in the early pages of his first essay in this book, pp 151-178. A traveller named Skylax early in the fifth century BC is mentioned in Herodotus as having visited the Indus Valley. : Sciopodes) people, who possessed a single powerful leg on which they leapt with astonishing vigor or else lay on their backs and shielded themselves from the sun with their single foot serving as a parasol. : Steganopodes). 33 et seq) that Greece was in regular contact with the Hyperboreans, in the heart of Siberia, since long before his time, possibly since the Greek migrations.

An inspiration seized Roberto. ' 'Always', he answered. For days we had been talking to a loWci^ne4('one-who-knows' in Mazatec, 'shaman') all unawares. Don Roberto went right on. ' Aurelio hesitated. He needed time to think the matter over. It turned out that his late wife's mother lay on the point of death in her house and there might be objections on the part of kin. But the kin advised him that we had come from afar, and he should help us. He asked us to make our way to his compound at nine o'clock.

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