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Phrases with two genitive modifiers. 3. 15. 8. 1. of untrymnesse modes oööe lichoman 'of weakness of mind or body' 7 All eleven have the demonstrative immediately preceding the de. 13. "& ic eac laere öaet hira nan öara ne wilnie de hine unwaerlice bega" 'and I also advise that none of them desire them who might manage it rashly'. A. 20. on ealra dara gewitnesse 'in the cognizance of all of those' 1. Head and (Demonstrative + Noun). Fifty-five examples. The structure of modification either precedes or follows the head, but within it the demonstrative precedes the noun.

God self'God himself' The noun, the demonstrative, and the indefinite pronoun precede without exception; and adjective can precede or follow, but self always follows. Sixteen phrases (excluding the three with self) show an adjectival following the head. These sixteen, with one exception, subdivide into two groups: A. Phrases with numerical adjectives (eight examples)3 B. Phrases with two or more adjectives, none of which is numerical (seven examples). A. In the eight examples with numerical adjectives, five have eall and one each has monig, sum, and feower.

Phrases with one genitive modifier. 1. 16. 14. 25. aelcum dara 'each of them' 1. Forty-eight phrases have a head and genitive noun or adjective. 1. 19. 17. 3. 25. 1. "aenigne . . lareowa" 'any teachers'. Thus a single noun not a partitive genitive precedes its head, while the partitive genitive follows. 2. Thirty-seven phrases consist of head and genitive pronoun. 14. 18. 10. 16. ]. ). Besides these twenty-six examples with a possessive pronoun are eleven with pronouns that are partitive genitives.

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