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Well, it varies of course," he answered. " My knowledge of finance indeed! It consisted 46 THE TALE OF A TENDERFOOT so far in my having inherited a little money and lived on the interest of that and an allowance. "Interest here," continued the banker, "varies according to the security. " " Three per cent! " I exclaimed, much surprised. " Why, I can do better than that in England. I've got mine invested there at 41 or 5. " My knowledge of finance was indeed ignorance in Colorado. And on inquiry elsewhere I found that the Denver banker was absolutely right: 3 per cent a month, and that only on good security, was the rate of interest in the Far West then current.

He was the first Governor of Colorado, and you might call him its first founder. He's a real curiosity: he's of Quaker stock, and yet he went to West Point and he became a Cavalry colonel and fought in the Mexican war. He'd have been senior officer to Grant and Sherman if only he'd stayed on, but he resigned to become a pioneer and explorer. He's brainy. It was his great idea that placed Colorado a-straddle of the backbone of the continent so that one-half of the rivers in this Territory run to the Pacific and half to the Atlantic.

We can accommodate you whatever it is. " Here and now was what he had meant, and I realized how I was without a pistol, watching with intense sharpness to see if that young scoundrel was going to pull his weapon upon me. That he had one and was capable of using it I could not possibly doubt; but, anyhow, I was no longer inside that den, Heaven be thanked! I had escaped into the open air and the light of day. I had come out on to a public street of the capital city of Wyoming Territory. Surely now, at least, robbery under arms would be too outrageous.

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