Download Ableton Reference Manual Version 8 by Dennis DeSantis, Ian Gallagher, Kevin Haywood, Rose Knudsen, PDF

By Dennis DeSantis, Ian Gallagher, Kevin Haywood, Rose Knudsen, Gerhard Behles, Jakob Rang, Robert Henke, Torsten Slama

The Ableton reference handbook that includes the Ableton Suite eight software program.

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The number of rendering attempts (if there has been more than one) will also be listed in the dialog box. If you nd that dropouts and restarts keep happening, you should close other running applications to allow more processing power for rendering. Please see the chapter on computer audio resources for more tips on improving performance. CHAPTER 5. MANAGING FILES AND SETS 49 Rendering Video Video Rendering Options. In addition to settings for audio rendering, the Export dialog provides additional options for rendering video: ❼ Create Video File If this is activated, a video le will be created in the same directory as your rendered audio.

So far we have seen how to create Live Projects and save versions of Live Sets into them. How do we open a Project? Simply by opening any of its contained Live Sets. als opens that Set and the associated Project as displayed in Live's title bar. als, we get sidetracked: CHAPTER 5. MANAGING FILES AND SETS 59 The piece evolves towards something entirely different, and we feel that it should live in a Project of its own. So, we Save As... under a new name and in some location outside the current Project, say the Desktop: A New Project Was Added by Saving a Live Set Outside its Original Project.

MANAGING FILES AND SETS Audio Rendering Options Audio Rendering Options. , the le will be ampli ed so that the highest peak attains the maximum available headroom). ❼ Render as Loop If this is activated, Live will create a sample that can be used as a loop. For example, suppose your Live Set uses a delay effect. If Render as Loop is on, Live will go through the rendering process twice: The rst pass will not actually write samples to disk, but add the speci ed delay effect. As the second pass starts writing audio to disk, it will include the delay tail resulting from the rst pass.

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