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By Jennifer Baumgardner

"If Jennifer Baumgardner ever wishes one other mother, i will be the 1st in line to undertake her. She's clever, fearless, and a powerful strength for change."

—Barbara Ehrenreich, writer of Nickel and Dimed

In Abortion & Life, writer and activist Jennifer Baumgardner unearths how the main arguable and stigmatized ideally suited courtroom choice of our time cuts throughout eras, sessions, and race. beautiful photographs via photographer Tara Todras-Whitehill of folks singer Ani DiFranco, authors Barbara Ehrenreich and Gloria Steinem, and others accompany their elucidating money owed in their personal abortion experiences.

In this daring new paintings, Baumgardner explores a few of the thorniest concerns round terminating a being pregnant, together with those that the pro-choice institution has been the least delicate or potent in confronting.

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S. practiced abortion rather than creating more slaves upon whom their masters could build their fortunes. As these enslaved women demonstrated, abortion is intricately connected to being a parent—the vast majority of women who get abortions will also become mothers or are already mothers. ” CHAPTER 1 A BRIEF HISTORY OF ABORTION Despite its enduring controversy, abortion is a very common, if silenced, experience. S. 21 million five years later), in part due to better use of more effective contraceptives, and possibly linked to the virginity-abstinence movement as well.

Seventeen percent of those who terminate unplanned pregnancies are teenagers, many of whom have shrinking access to sex education or birth control since most states accept federal money that mandates abstinence-only education. Meanwhile, women on Medicaid often receive less effective generic forms of the birth control pill that contain only eighty percent of the hormones in brand-name pills. When I hosted poor women who had traveled to New York for abortions, every single one said she got pregnant while on the pill, leading me to believe that generic birth control is a problem that must be addressed.

I embarked on a campaign called the “I Had an Abortion” project in late 2003, and by the time the film of the same name was nearly complete in late 2004, my appreciation for the profundity of the issue was growing, like my body, every day. The more I began to talk to people about their abortion experiences, the more questions I had. Really basic queries that I had simply never asked myself, such as: How do women experience abortion? How do men experience it? That led to: Why aren’t there more after-abortion resources?

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