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Physics and Chemistry of Metal Cluster Compounds: Model Systems for Small Metal Particles

On Friday, February 20, 1980, I had the excitement to be current on the inaugural lecture of my colleague Jan Reedijk, who had simply been named on the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry of Leiden collage. in response to culture, the rite came about within the remarkable corridor of the outdated college Academy construction.

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54 The final question relates to this very point. Isn't it possible that an ordinary, uninspired green space development will be just as depressing as the ordinary, uninspired grid or curvilinear development that it seeks to improve upon? This has been one of the criticisms levelled against many cluster developments. The argument can be dismissed, of course, by the observation that without the open space preserved they would have been worse. But this is an abrogation of the creative design potential available through green space residential planning.

While permanence may be an issue with those new to the idea of green space development, it is relatively easy to provide for it in a local ordinance such as Yorktown's ("The common open space(s) shall be shown on the subdivision plan and with appropriate notation of the face thereof that it shall not be used for future building lots") or in some others to provide for a covenant or negative easement running to the municipality, protecting the area in perpetuity against development. But permanence takes on real meaning only when related to the use projected for the open land.

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