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By Gerd Plewig Prof. Dr., Albert M. Kligman M.D., Ph.D. (auth.)

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Lea and Febinger, Philadelphia Welshans WV, Lieberman ME, Gorski J (1984) Nuclear localization of unoccupied oestrogen receptors. Nature 307:747-749 Wheatley VR (1986) Hormonal regulation of sebaceous gland activity. In: Jarrett A (ed) The physiology and pathophysiology of the skin, vol 9, chap. 89. Academic Press, London, pp 2797-2827 Wotiz HH, Mescon H, Doppel H, Lemon HM (1956) The in vitro metabolism of testosterone by human skin J Invest Dermatol 26: 113-120 Effect of Sweating. Sweating and sebum secretion are independent functions.

One such drug after toxic doses are given, in the order of is the prostaglandin inhibitor eicosa magnitude of 500000 IV daily. It is note- 5,8,11,14-tetraynoic acid. It has been worthy that etretinate has practically no demonstrated that oral administration substantially suppresses sebum secretion. effect on the sebaceous glands. However, serious side-effects after longAntiandrogens. The term anti androgens term usage rule out clinical applications. is applied to drugs which act either by The drug is ineffective topically.

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