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By Daniel J. Brunelle, Michael Korn

Advances in Polycarbonates comprises such issues as concept and modelling, synthesis of recent polycarbonates, characterization, improvement of more advantageous houses in polycarbonates (such as conductivity, weatherability, larger warmth or higher low temperature ductility), recycling, and method chemistry. various foreign researchers from undefined, govt, and academia have supplied a various array of modern examine. BPA-Polycarbonate is a flexible engineering fabric with a mix of many very important houses: optical-quality transparency and birefringence, excessive refractive index, excessive glass transition temperature, unheard of effect energy and stable processability. Fifty years after its discovery, educational and commercial polycarbonate learn keeps to develop each year. Polycarbonates are utilized in a truly huge number of functions, starting from optical recording media (CD, DVD, etc.), wearing apparatus, unbreakable glazing fabrics, lights, clinical apparatus, and automobile exteriors and interiors.

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The product contained low molecular weight oligomers, phenol, B P A (14%) and D P C (14%) as well. ROP of a single cyclic B P A carbonate, the tetramer 10, with 5 mol% B P A at 275°C for 15 min produced a P C with M = 44,400 g/mol (95% yield). 1). m). w 4 4 Table 3 contains end-functionalized P C oligomers synthesized via oxidative carbonylation reactions. It lists the respective reagents, type of oligomer, the MW(s) of the resulting oligomer(s) and methods for their analysis. Table 3. 9k n N M R , IR, 15) MALDI co/o 2 HPLC, b 1-3 h + °-^3 + c o / ° 2 M < lk n FTIR, GC-MS (16) 55 A very effective catalytic system to produce almost exclusively hydroxyl terminated PC oligomers 3 (80% yield) Tab.

Johnson, and S. J. Shafer G E Global Research, 1 Research Circle, Niskayuna, NY 12309 The melt or L X process, involving the solventless transesterification of diphenyl carbonate (DPC) with bisphenol A (BPA), is the preeminent commercial non-phosgene route to bisphenol A polycarbonate. Polycarbonate purity and manufacturing cost are highly dependent on the synthetic methods used to prepare the constituent monomers. This report surveys progress in the synthesis of B P A and DPC. (1) Each company subsequently commercialized "interfacial" processes (Figure 1), variations of which became the predominant mode of polycarbonate manufacture for the succeeding forty years.

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