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By Susan Isaacs

Quickly after her prosperous husband of twenty-five years leaves her for a more youthful girl, Rosie Meyers unearths herself the top suspect in his homicide and is going underground as a fugitive in ny to discover the killer. 150,000 first printing. $200,000 ad/promo.

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Maybe he’d gotten a good buy. I was thinking some more about what money had done to me and Richie, so it wasn’t until I started down the big, curving stone staircase that I heard the shuffling below. I leaned over the railing just in time to see the attendants from the medical examiner’s office wheeling out what had once been my husband, wrapped up to go in a body bag. A uniformed cop sprang forward to open the door. In movies, body bags always have nice tailoring and a thick zipper that makes a cruel rasping noise on the sound track.

Well, Richie and I had planned a cruise around the Greek islands in July, and I was going to spend August rereading some nonfiction. ” I must have been hoping that Gevinski would jot down the titles, because I was disappointed that he didn’t. ” “I sat on the stairs that go down to the beach and stared at the water for two months. ” “But was it totally? ” “Once, at my lawyer’s. ” “No. ” “There’s one thing I don’t quite get, Ms. ” “Help me figure it out. If Mr. ” THREE A little after six-thirty, one of Gevinski’s men, who was wearing something I’d never seen before, a maroon suit, returned to the library.

Go on,” Gevinski said, more resentful than curi- 28 / SUSAN ISAACS ous, because now he’d have to type up another page for his report. “We were all teaching in a high school in Queens in the late sixties. Richie became a teacher to get out of Vietnam. He was certified in math and social studies. Mitch taught math. ” Gevinski crossed his arms over his belly and glanced again at his smile watch. I talked faster. “Anyway, after our first child, money was tight. I was taking a year of maternity leave, and Richie had to get a second job.

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