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By Jameson Parker

Not lengthy after Simon & Simon went off the air, the writer was once shot two times and left for useless on a highway in l. a.. bodily, he recovered relatively fast. Psychologically, notwithstanding, the results have been way more critical and long-lasting, sending him right into a spiral of post-traumatic pressure disease and melancholy. accordingly, virtually accidentally, he ended up in an international of horses and farm animals and ranching that helped him live to tell the tale

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We had barely gone a hundred yards when Dal spotted the brindle standing quietly in some brush on the other side of the draw. “Go on back where that calf is and cross over there,” he said. “That way you’ll be behind her. I’ll stay here and guide you if she moves. ” Back I went. The draw at this point was steep-walled, wide and deep, and Flirt slid with every step in the soft earth. We crossed over the bottom and I found a cattle trail, but by this time my little mare had been ridden hard for almost twelve hours and she was plainly tired, laboring up the incline.

Here there was a hard-packed cattle trail. I put Flirt on it and immediately became aware of a metallic clack every fourth step. Dismounted. The rear offside shoe had been torn loose, hanging by a single nail, but try as I might I could neither break the nail nor pull the shoe off. Nothing for it but to walk. We kept moving slowly westward, clop, clop, clop, clack; clop, clop, clop, clack. We were just cresting a low rise when I saw cattle two hundred yards ahead in the trees just off the trail.

We were watching a hand. Dave Ferry is described by some people as our local horse whisperer, though that popular phrase is one he dismisses. ” He is modest enough and realistic enough to know his limitations and prefers to describe himself as a “facilitator,” by which he means that he helps the horse avoid the wrong thing and do the right one. Horses that won’t load, that have been abused or allowed to develop bad habits, horses that pull back—one of the most difficult faults to cure—all respond to his infinite patience and gentle firmness and uncanny understanding.

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