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By Daniel Kleppner, Robert Kolenkow

Classical mechanics produces very exact effects in the area of daily event. it's outdated through relativistic mechanics for structures relocating at huge velocities close to the rate of sunshine, quantum mechanics for structures at small distance scales, and relativistic quantum box idea for structures with either homes.

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8 WT 9 cm/cm 3 4 5 50 RT 10 15 60 70 20 25 80 Bend. 20 G Shear. 4 4 5 6 7 8 9 Comp. V. V. 3 HESC fingerprint (from the HESC manual13). 35 a Based on three replicates. formed in 1984. The group, financed by the Australian Wool Corporation, had three major objectives:27 ∑ ‘To evaluate the introduction of objective measurement in menswear, worsted fabrics and garment manufacturing sectors’ ∑ ‘To review the Japanese system of test data presentations and modify it as appropriate to Australian requirements’ ∑ ‘To establish an Australian database for worsted menswear fabrics’.

8. 91 The reproducibility of formability, dimensional stability and surface thickness are described in IWTO specifications: Formability: IWTO Test Method 49 Dimensional stability: IWTO Test Method 50 Finish stability: IWTO Test Method 51. Source: SiroFAST manual. The key differences between the SiroFAST and the KES-F systems are: ∑ The SiroFAST system does not measure the hysteresis/recovery properties of fabrics (RT, 2HB, 2HG, 2HG5, RC). Shear hysteresis measurements have been found to correlate very well with certain aspects of fabric hand, particularly softness.

In that time, the committee adopted a set of six bipolar hand descriptors that were thought to be more relevant to the Australian industry for the description of hand. 6). Before it completed its work in 1991, AWTOMEC also conducted a major fabric/garment tailoring trial, developed a video on the use of the KES-F system, circulated a series of case studies in the use of fabric objective measurement (mainly on the relationship between fabric/structure/finishing and subsequent properties) and held a seminar on the topic.

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